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6 Proven Strategies to Boost Your AdSense Revenue

AdSense optimization is the solution to this issue. You can either use a free program, such as Ezoic, to run your ads or can also use my manual guide.

When as compared to Adsense optimization, there are many things, but the primary goal is to enhance CPC and boost CPM via a program of high eCPMs. Otherwise, even if you have good lot of CTR, you don’t make lots of money. This is also common among the non-English blog.

If you’re not earning in the meditation of Google AdSense publishers, it can bear time to reflect on and analyze the points listed below. Such attention to detail will almost certainly result in an increase in AdSense earnings and CPC.

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What is AdSense CPC?

Let’s begin by answering the fundamental question and then we will move on to some working tips to increase your Google AdWords CPC. CPC stands for cost per click, in short money which you make click is CPC.

As of right now, you haven’t yet observed AdSense publisher explaining more about CTR and less about CPC. If you’re really intent on earning Adsense revenue, focus on CPC more as opposed to CTR. Getting lots of impressions to your Adsense will not help your cause, but a website with good CPC with good CTR can make a major impact.

CPC has very little to do with your traffic. If you understood that publishing micro-niche blogs would be like in many ways, you would have come to recognize despite of less traffic, such blogs earn significantly more AdSense revenue.

The reason behind earning eCPM for blogs like this is straightforward due to the extensive CPC, other influencing factors like keyword competition, and other considerations.

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How To Increase AdSense CPC:


If you want to start a blog or want to develop a website, it is crucial to choose the right niche for it.

Costs for CPC (cost per click) directly depend on the content on your site.

Allow me to clarify this one point here that you’re not going to have selective control over niches you should work on. But you will find niches that make high CPCs for you.


I have arranged them here by their CPC rates in inverse order

  • Domain-Blog services on domain services, like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc., are better paid
  • Gadgets- Like Apple products/like the tech Gadgets.
  • Google- Google services. Google products.
  • Microsoft/MS Office Products and Services.
  • Cryptocurrency or Digital Currency or Virtual Currency
  • Financial institutions like banking.
  • Automobile industry
  • Health Sector
  • Real Estate Service
  • Home Loans Service
  • Jobs Information
  • The lowest CPC grade is seen with dating and romance.

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The Second thing is the content that you must compose to supply readers with information they’re searching for.

Remember, you should always directly interact with your readers.

You should be writing content that’s tailored to your audience, so that more readers have access to your site. The content must be tailored to your topic so that more and more people will be able to read your blogs.

Content that’s useful will be more prone to increase your advertisement pay-per-click (CPC) prices. In addition, excellent content is what search engines like best, so your click-through rate and revenue will be greater if your advertisement is highly targeted and your web visitors are from the U.S., the U.K., or other English-speaking nations.

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When you research key phrases and keywords , make sure to use the Approximate CPC column.

Block low CPC Ad categories

AdSense gives you the option to Allow or Exclude ad categories. You can use that information to find out how much exactly each ad category is paying you.

The different categories of ads displayed by your website will be listed here.

If you find that a category is not earning much, you should stop advertising in it.

You may want to block out categories that are absolutely irrelevant or inappropriate to the content or topic of this blog. Suppose the blog site is about software operating, then you may wish to check the ad categories with respect to dating, politics, religion, and so on. This will aid in increasing your paid AdSense click-through rate.

Target Country

The country you target will be an important factor in CPC.

For example, a single click on an ad from America may pay up to $2 to $3, and click the same ad from India could typically pay only 20 to 30 cents. Thus, write your posts, contents and relevant multimedia content to English-speaking countries specifically.

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Ad Placement

Bear in mind that the placement of your ads on the page directly influences AdSense revenue.

Is it hard task to do ? Where should marketers place ads for the highest Cost-Per-Click ( maximum CPC )?

It is very little work to complete the task.
Put two to three ads within your post and another ad somewhere on the outside of the post. Towards this area, place a top rectangle ad of 336 x 280 pixels near the top of the blog and also position the following right-side advertisement whatever square is 468 x 60 pixel. You could also use your right sidebar ad.
Nevertheless, by 2022, you will be able to use artificial technology to pinpoint the best publisher location for AdSense ads. You can be able to use an AdSense ad provider named Ezoic in order to automate AdSense ad placement for highest return.

Although it’s your responsibility and based on your objectives for blogging. For example, if you’re a professional blogger and depend on AdSense, you should not put off to maximize ads and use maximum ad boxes on a single page. But if you are a hobby blogger or blogging on a personal blog, your first goal should be to provide quality content and fewer ads, as readers dislike advertisements.


Though I will be concise here, let me just say that if you follow and implement these six tips, you can certainly improve your AdSense income from 30 to 40 dollars a month. This is a fully legal way to increase your monthly income in no time. Also, you can search for the CPC rate for your AdSense Keywords, and create a 2-part article on it.

Tell me a trick that made your Adsense earnings increase, ideally in your niche and traffic from specific nations.

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