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Beyond YouTube: Check out these other great sites to post your videos!

YouTube is the largest video-hosting website in the world, with over a billion hours of video watched each day. But if you’re looking to maximize your reach on the internet, you will want to upload videos to more than just YouTube.

Here, we have tried to include at least a few other major internet platforms, social sites, and websites that can receive many views. We cover each item we offer in detail, including which types of content work best for each site.


Facebook has provided a remarkably wide audience, including many people of various ages and demographics. A YouTube content strategy that leverages Facebook may also help you reach a wider audience. Facebook’s audience is very varied, as evidenced in many demographic groups. If you have content that is relevant to YouTube, you should post some videos on Facebook, as well.

Bear in mind that the kind of content that works best on YouTube won’t work as well on Facebook. Viewers seeing 95% of Facebook videos is muted, and viewers quickly ignore videos. This means that if you wish to gain interest, your material has to appear alluring and work reasonably well with subtitles as opposed to audio.

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Meta’s functions, functions similar to Facebook. Considering the most important aspect of its search function and the app-centric user experience, Instagram has a massive user demographic around the world. Over one billion dollars of users are under the age of 35, revealing Instagram’s exceptional ability to reach younger users.

Video formats on Facebook, however, are not as flexible as Instagram. For example, there are 10-minute maximums on short videos. Instagram is more focused on creating appealing visuals and entertaining snacks. Talks, screencasts, and dry tutorials videos don’t perform well on the platform. For this reason, Instagram should be an integral part of your creative marketing strategy.


LinkedIn is the inverse of Instagram from a content style point of view, though it remains restricted in content like Instagram. The medium generally requires long videos or images with more than one talking head, lecture, or tutorial to be probable. Instagram’s requirement to achieve a memorable picture is noticeably less stringent on LinkedIn, It’s a great site for posting casual and short business-to-business(B2B) content.

LinkedIn’s search function and content discovery capabilities are not as well-developed as YouTube and Facebook’s, which means that it often works to repost the same content multiple times to optimize it.


Despite having a 2-minute and 20-second video restriction in place, Twitter is an excellent resource if you’d like to distribute videos. Despite Twitter’s video restriction, this communication platform is still useful. We recommend that we share teasers, previews, or trailers of longer YouTube video clips on Twitter and link to the full video on YouTube or your website. Using Twitter in this manner can enable you to get the most from the platform.


Reddit is a platform often-overlooked for video distribution. But it has a native function allowing users to upload videos up to 15 minutes in length. Boasting ardent, virtually unlimited communities, it also has a huge diversity of material available. Content need not be on the front page to deliver substantial, valuable returns. Many users find that older content via long-tail search engine queries as well. Reddit is a good source to be considered for meaningful movie views, considering the duration of time.

Reddit does have a drawback, though. It’s usually necessary to devote considerable time beforehand to selecting appropriate subreddits to post your video to. Additionally, you need to develop accounts that will genuinely have authority and be active by holding on them for months or longer. Moderators will not allow your submission to be used if they do not approve it. In general, editors should avoid submitting videos to any subreddits where their material will not receive a fair reaction. Make friends with fellow video authors, and follow their channels before you submit your videos.


Today, Vimeo is primarily a video hosting service for businesses. Though the service has a public-facing YouTube-style directory and a search engine for videos, the focus is on a highly creative and polished atmosphere rather than inexpensive talking head videos or screencasts. At the same time, corporate videos and advertorials have great potential on Vimeo, as well.

More Platforms will be updated soon here!

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